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Bryanston Plumbing (Pty) Ltd was established in 1962 by Mr Bokkie Gaitz. Bryanston, which is currently considered an opulent suburb for the fast paced ‘Joburg’ family was, in those years, largely farm land and wide open space.

Instead of buildings and cars you would come across horses and cattle. Mr Gaitz made a courageous decision and founded a company working out of his ‘Bakkie’ with only tools and a ladder. Now, Bryanston Plumbing can confidently say that many successful plumbers have been trained with us and have gone on to run companies of their own. After Mr Gaitz established Bryanston Plumbing he sold the company to Mr Norman Fisher and Mr Philip Dowdle in the 1970’s. Mr Fisher had an electrical engineering background and was taught the trade of Plumbing by Mr Gaitz. Mr Fisher passionately took over the running of Bryanston Plumbing, left his lavish corporate lifestyle and decided that the success of Bryanston Plumbing was going to be his top priority.

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Mr Fisher inherited a small office, few employees and a huge workload. Bryanston Plumbing employed many local employees who had previously worked on farms and trained them in construction and maintenance plumbing. We became known as one of the best training facilities for plumbers in the area. With a company that has been established for just over 50 years, come many interesting stories across the generations of employees.

Bryanston Plumbing continues to strive for quality and integrity and excellence.
We pride ourselves in our work and in the commitment of our employees.

We care about our customers and look after our loyal staff who have worked there so long that they all have many stories to tell about the trade.

Bryanston Plumbing 24 Hour Service

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We pride ourselves in our work
We care about our customers
We strive for quality, integrity and excellence.